Accelerate your crypto project

with Propius!

Who we are?

We are a team of professionals with over 8+ years of combined experience in crypto marketing, business development, recruitment, customer support, and building communities and teams from scratch. Our primary focus is cryptocurrency and blockchain.

We have worked with many projects and helped them on different stages, from valuating a project idea to building the team and exchanging listing and successful project launch. We know how to launch and accelerate your project success by creating the proper business flows and execute all issues as they come. If you have difficulties launching and scaling your brand, contact us to find out how we can help you!


problems AND Solutions that Propius solves

1. Different teams and specialists do different tasks. That leads to the lack of synchronization between all parties, which is resulting in project failure.

We connect all the teams under our guidance to create a solid workflow and deliver a successful result. Creating a holistic offer that cover all aspects of project development helps to avoid issues caused by lack of communication

2. Lack of experience in crypto marketing. A significant amount of strategies that work in traditional marketing doesn't work with crypto.

The key to success is crypto/blockchain marketing is choosing the proper strategy. With hundreds of marketing tests conducted in the past our team is always capable of defining the smart and useful strategy for any project

3. Low-quality agencies with poor quality service. Too many agencies with uncertain offers.

It is crucial to find the right marketing parter who can deliver all promised services and show the results. We always start with the deep analysis before we offer anything and we measure success by results

4. Scams. Too many folks are trying to steal from the clients.

We value our reputation and we work only with top-tier companies. The budget and expenses are transparent for the client

5. Careless and unprofessional customer support and community management teams. Bad service leads to an unsatisfied community and only causes problems for project.

We work only with specialists with minimum 2 years of experience in crypto. We cover 24/7/365 multilingual customer and community support with instant reaction time

6. Advertisement + Business Development - lack of a structured messaging plan for an advertising campaign. Usage of irrelevant channels and eventually lack of a working marketing strategy.

Using connections in the media space will provide the most efficient media packages below the market prices, including PR, newsletters, sponsored stories, native articles with the most influential media.

7. Poor network of the project, which leads to non-efficient partnerships. The project doesn't stand out in the marketplace. All these challenges lead to project failure. Even a great idea can fail with incorrect execution, wrong team selection, and management.

We have personal connections with top-tier exchanges and biggest blockchain brands to connect with our clients and establish the right partnerships.

How we work

1. Audit

360-degree evaluation and preparing the strategy

2. Settling

strategic planning, content and community plans, drafting structure and workflows, roadmap

3. Channels

developing relevant channels, building community, BD, marketing tests, hiring

4. Acceleration

partnership, PR, advertising, cross-project activities

5. Execution

exchange listings, IEOs, market-making, investor relations, outbound business development

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